Institute for Business & Management

Heidelberg – Skopje

Our Institute goals are:

– Realization of second and third cycle postgraduate study programs in partnership with respectable international higher-degree educational institutions, and implementation of scientific research in the areas of: banking, finance, controlling, business and information technologies.

– Realization of domestic and international seminars and conferences in partnership with the German institute “FORUM Institute for management” Heidelberg (Germany), in the fields of: management, pharmacy and health, patenting, trademarking and licensing, financial services, human resources, controlling, taxing, accounting, information technologies, manager’s and assistant manager’s personal development, and law.

– Realization of international certification with ECTS credits in partnership with professional education institutions.

– Employment of the students enrolled in the Institute through the principle “work-study” during their study cycle.

– Financial and business education, increasing the level of financial literacy of the population, as well as development of financial and business science in the region and wider.

– Promotion of regional and international cooperation with Universities, Institutes, Academies and other formal and non-formal educational institutions.

– Helping through specialized training and education in the fields of: banking, accounting, controlling, information technologies and entrepreneurship (“e-learning” model).

– Promotion of entrepreneurship as a modern business and development philosophy of private and public, commercial and non-commercial companies, profit and non-profit organizations.

– Development of a publishing sector in order to facilitate public information access and progress in the scientific thought.

– Helping the population in participation in regional projects and using the European and other international funds.

– Creating continuity, creative intelligence which will be a guide and incentive for every individual in a function of creating success, according to the maxims of Napoleon Hill (one of the most prominent creators of successful entrepreneurs, together with Henry Ford, John Rockefeller and others, as well as advisor of two USA presidents: Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson).

– Recruitment, promotion and development of quality human resources through volunteering practice.