Competition of the best controller THE BEST CONTROLLER for 2018 year


Quality management decisions increase the value of the business, and controllers are necessary partner for the managers in the process of creating values.
By preserving the existing and creating new values, long-term sustainability of the business is achieved.
The role of controllers in promoting and managing the controlling idea through support for effective and efficient business management is irreplaceable.
The mission of the Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg- Skopje for business efficiency is realized through numerous projects for encouraging the development of the profession controlling and implementing of control concepts at all levels of management in business practice.
The annual award “Best Controller – Best Controlling ” is just one of those initiatives that we want to be recognize and to be emphasize the examples of success of controlling in the institutions and which at the end should serve as motive for further development and application of the controlling in the business.


Application for participation / project for application could be sent by all that are interested from the controlling sectors of the organizations, but also from all other sectors that in the past 12 months to the deadline of application have been included and successfully completed a controlling project with which achieved significant results in the area of controlling, which can be valued by award.


In the process of evaluating the received applications, the following areas are assessed according to the previously defined importance and points:


According to previously defined criterion, the commission independently and objectively evaluates all received applications and the candidate with the highest number of points gets the right for award.
In case the received application by a candidate that is employed in the same company and also is a member of the commission, the evaluation of the application will be performed by the other members of the commission.
The value of the award is 3,500 EUR or 121,175.00 denars and will be given at the next conference in 2019, and it is consists of:
CONTROLLING TRAINING: Institute for Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje assigns training for certified controller (HorváthAkademie – Horváth and Partners, specialized training- CERTIFIED CONTROLLER)
CONTROLLING LITERATURE: Controlling Standards (IGC – International Group of Controlling, a set of internationally recognized literature on controlling standards)
CONTROLLING AWARD: Controlling recognition for wonderful achievements in the application of controlling (The recognition is awarded by the expert commission for the best controller – the best controlling for 2018).

All other applications that will be evaluated with more than 50% of the points will receive a special gift from the Institute of Business and Management Heidelberg Skopje based on recognizing the value of the initiative and the effort, the proactivity of the application, with the ultimate target affirmation and application of philosophy of controlling business practice.


For the competition for the best controller “THE BEST CONTROLLER” for 2018 you can apply no later than December 31, 2018.
The project for application needs to keep with the following elements:
• Initial situation
• New situation
• Sustainability of the future use of the implemented solution
• Controlling activities and personal contribution of candidates in implementing the solution
• Innovation or specificity of the implemented solution
• Impact of the implemented solution on the content, organization, processes and instruments for control

The project for application should be directed only to the descriptions of the listed entities, written in no more than 10 pages A4 format (Times New Roman), font 12.
Also a CV should be submitted to the application.

The application for participation in the competition should be sent by e-mail address: with a note “Application for award : THE BEST CONTROLLER- THE BEST CONTROLLING 2018.”

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