First International Conference – Anti-money laundering & counter financing of terrorism

First International Conference – Anti-money laundering & counter financing of terrorism

 Date: 07 November 2017

Location: Hotel Holiday Inn, Skopje, R. Macedonia

Duration: 10:00 – 17:00 (7 hours)

Enrolment deadline: 01.11.2017

Goals of the conference

The main goal of this international conference is to introduce the attendants to the basics and differences of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT), the trends in the global finance regulation and the compliance between the two areas. The attendants will have an opportunity to learn about the best international practices and their influence on local level, to learn to identify high risk candidates and to follow suspicious transactions in the right way.


The conference is appropriate for:

The conference is appropriate for all institutions: banks, insurance companies, private and public companies and organization which directly or indirectly work with harmonized operations, and anyone interested in the field of Compliance. It is especially suitable for mid-to-high officers in AML, CFT and Compliance positions in banks, financial institutions, supervisors, internal revisers, branch managers and high position specialists.


MSc Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Interior of R. Macedonia

Lenche Ristoska, Public prosecutor of R. Macedonia

Arafat Muaremi, Director of Financial Police Office

Guy Desau, International expert from Israel

Tomer Zaharovic, International expert from Israel

MSc Maja Andreevska Blazevska, Stopanska Banka AD Skopje

Ivica Simonovski PhD, Financial Intelligence

Goran Nikolovski, Security and Counter Intelligence Office High representative of the National Bank of R. Macedonia

Prof Svetlana Nikoloska PhD, Faculty of Security of RM

Prof Zlate Dimovski PhD, Faculty of Security of RM


Conference language and certification:

At the end of the conference all attendants will receive a certification. The conference will be held in Macedonian and English language

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