Executive Certification in Accounting
    The Heidelberg program for Certified Accounting Specialist – Executive Certification in Accounting is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the German…

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  • CC

    German diploma with IGC quality standards






    Description of the program
    Note: On December 7, 2020, upon a previously…

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  • CCG&C

    Certification in Corporate Governance & Compliance
    Description of the program

    The program is based on a series of lectures in the field of corporate governance with a presentation of the latest…

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  • CERM

    Certified Enterprise Risk Management
    The program covers the most relevant topics in the area of ​​management of the most important risk categories that non-financial institutions face in their operations, which…

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  • CPM

    Certified Portfolio Manager
    The Certified Portfolio Manager program represents the development of skills, ie learning how to perform portfolio measurements. Then you need to get a clear picture of portfolio…

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  • CPM (WF & AG)

    Certified Project Manager (Waterfall&Agile)
    The training covers the integration of the two well-known project management concepts, sequentially and agile. The concept of sequential project management will be elaborated in the…

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