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Certified Project Manager (Waterfall&Agile)

The training covers the integration of the two well-known project management concepts, sequentially and agile. The concept of sequential project management will be elaborated in the first part of the course, which is accepted and easily adapted to the processes communicating between organizational units in the company. In addition, the course will deal with the agile concept of project management where students will be introduced to the terminology and techniques used in this concept. The integration of these concepts will be addressed through the introduction of new, flexible team management, documentation and other aspects relevant to project management. The main purpose of the training is to provide a better understanding of both concepts of project management, better application in practice and a higher level of management depending on the type of project. The training is planned to be implemented in two levels. The first level will cover sequential and agile project management, presented in a theoretical way and basic application. The second level of training will cover project management techniques related to the selection of team members, advanced project management, and the introduction of new effective control points useful to the project manager and adequate tools. The training, in addition to the theoretical part, contains practical exercises that will be discussed and evaluated in groups.

The training will be delivered by people with rich experience as project managers with international certifications. Participants in this training will have the opportunity to work in groups where they will share their experiences, demonstrating personal skill and creativity in choosing appropriate solutions to different practice situations. Upon completion of each level, testing will be conducted in the form of practical project management related to the topics covered at the appropriate course level.

Target group: staff with working experience who are designated as project managers or team members, as well as students who are preparing or have an interest in project work.

Registration Fee is included in the total fee of the program

Program structure

Level 1

Certified Project Manager (Waterfall&Agile), Level 1

  1. Sequential project management
    – Organizational models
    – Case study
    – Project approval
    – Request for project start
    – Project plan, reporting, checks
    – Project closure
  2. Agile project management
    – Agile manifesto concepts
    – Overview of agile methodologies, advantages, disadvantages and industry acceptance
    – Introduction to SCRUM, Theory and Principles
    – Artifacts, roles and ceremonies
    – Definition of done and Sprint (Iteration)
    – Run a Scrum Framework Project
    – Agile project management tools
    – Metrics and Scaled Scrum
  3. Integrate sequential and agile project management
    – Compare the elements of sequential and agile project management
    – Setting up the project management process by integrating sequential and agile project management
    – Basic application of project management tools
  4. Discussion and group work (final concluding discussion on Level 1 topics with the aim of summarizing and checking the level of knowledge gained through open discussion and case work in the presence of experienced project managers).

Level 2

Certified Project Manager (Waterfall&Agile), Level 2

  1. Selection of resources engaged in the project
  • Apply well-known human resource selection methods
  • Identifying project team member profiles
  • Analysis of the appropriate selection of resources in the project

2. Application of project management tools

3. Independent preparation of project management documentation

4. Advanced application of sequential and agile project management

  • Practical examples of applying agile and sequential project management

5. Discussion and group work (final concluding discussion on Level 2 topics with the aim of summarizing and validating the level of knowledge gained through open discussion and case work in the presence of experienced project managers).


Violeta Velevska, IT Professional and Project Management Expert

She is an experienced IT professional with more than 25 years of working experience in the field of Information Technologies. Lately he has focused on agile project management and works as a Scrum Master and QA Specialist. She has previously worked in various positions ranging from software developer, application consultant, document management consultant and business process management consultant. He then worked for many years as CTO and COO.

Important projects she has worked on are Development and Implementation of a Clinical Center Medical Information System, Implementation of a Document Management System and Business Process Management System at ZOIL Macedonia, DDR Novi Sad, Electronic Credit Transfer System, Implementation of ERP Implementation ISO9001, ISO2000 and ISO27000. Performed the function of an ISMS officer.
She attended many workshops and trainings, but also gave presentations at conferences in the field of expertise.
Has ITIL3, Product Owner (SCRUM.ORG), Project Management, and numerous technology certifications.







Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Identification of the project management cycle integrating the principles of sequencing and agility,
  • Practical application of project management techniques,
  • Adequate use of project management tools,
  • Preparation of the necessary project documentation,
  • Adequate resource selection through assessment of personal skills for each role in the project,
  • Application of advanced project management techniques and tools,
  • Independence to perform the role of project manager.

Total hours:
  • 66

Teaching – location:  
  • Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg Skopje (N. Macedonia) / Heidelberg (Germany) or
  • ONLINE live learning platform from the ZOOM.US app

Lecture dynamics:
  • Twice a week (5pm to 7:30 pm)


Frequently Asked Questions

You can make the payment directly with a credit card on the website itself when purchasing a seminar or training or by paying an invoice in several installments, and after a previously signed agreement.

In the certification programs can enroll anyone who wants to qualify or retrain for thechosen field in the certification programs. For that purpose, having a minimum of prior knowledge in the chosen field of each candidate is a facilitating circumstance in studying the programs. Namely, the programs, except for the postgraduate master studies, do not require prior formal higher education.

Pillar 1 – Seminars are held live with physical presence at a predetermined location and time. Seminars are also held live online through the ZOOM platform. For each organized seminar, the way, time and place of the event are certain in advance, which is published on the website.

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NOTE: the lectures with several months of training programs are held after working hours, once or twice a week (for each training is explained in detail in the information of the program itself).

Lecturers of all programs are domestic and international practitioners with at least 10 years of work experience in the fields they teach. In each of the programs there are expert lecturers who are available for you to “use” their know-how.

Each listener receives materials in the form of presentations, exercises, excels, books, additional (video and audio) materials and directions where they can get more information on topics related to the lectures for anyone who wants to expand their study.

At the German higher education institution Heidelberg Institute for Business and Management in Skopje has accredited (in 2018) 4 academic programs for master studies, as follows:

  • – MBA in Finance & Controlling (60 ECTS)
  • – MBA in Finance & Controlling (120 ECTS)
  • – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (60 ECTS)
  • – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (120 ECTS)

Eligible to enroll are all graduate students – “Bachelor” for one-year programs of 60 ECTS, who previously acquired 240 ECTS, while for enrollment in two-year master programs of 120 ECTS, students with previously acquired 180 ECTS have the right to enroll.


  • – upon completion of the master’s program MBA in Finance & Controlling (60 or 120 ECTS) students gain prestigious international certifications (2 of the above 4):

Risk Management (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Credit Analysis (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Compliance (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Certified Controller (German Diploma from Germany)

  • – Completion of the master’s program – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (60 or 120 ECTS) students gain prestigious international certifications (2 of the above 4):

Certificate CISA / ISACA Certificate
BI & Big Data (German Diploma)
Digital Design Communication
Certification for Developers


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