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This program is designed to turn you into a digital marketing specialist with expertise in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, social media marketing, social media advertising, and e-marketing as an essential companion.

We will provide a strong foundation in all the basic concepts of digital marketing.

The Academy of Certified Digital Marketing Professional is designed by academic professors and experts in the field of digital marketing with long practical experience. The academy will create professionals ready to respond to the challenges of modern digital marketing trends. Through a fusion of theoretical foundations with a lot of practical work in real situations, you will gain the necessary skills. You will get a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and you will gain advanced expertise.

The Digital Marketing Academy is ideal for anyone involved in the process of creating, planning and implementing campaigns, measuring and evaluating the effects of digital campaigns, as well as those who would like to retrain and continue professional careers in this area.

Registration Fee is included in the total fee of the program

Program structure



  1. Sanja Janeku
  2. Biljana Trajkovska
  3. Emilija Kornakova
  4. Todor Trajkovski
  5. Stojan Stojchevski
  6. Radoslav Nastasijevikj Rardziski
  7. Maja Tanushoska


Manager of the program:
Savica Pop Tonevа








1. Introduction to Digital Marketing / What is digital marketing?

  • Principles of Digital Marketng
  • Developing Objectves
  • Digital Research
  • Curtural Research

2. Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Fundamentals
  • Strategy Objectves & KPIs
  • Digital Strategy Reasrch
  • Creatve Strategy

3. Social Media Marketing

  • Key Social Platorms
  • Setng up a Social Media Experience
  • Growing & Engaging an Audience
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Campaing Insights
  • Final assignment

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • SEO & Business Objectves
  • Keywords
  • SEO Content Plan
  • Search Ranking
  • SEO Performance
  • Final Assinment

5. Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

  • Fundamentals of Paid Search
  • Goole Ads
  • Search Campaign Management
  • Search Campaign Measurement
  • Final Assinment

6. Analytics with Google Analytics

  • Web Analytcs Fundamentals
  • Confguring a Google Analytcs Account
  • Setng Goals
  • Monitoring Campaigns
  • Analyzing & Recording Data

7. Introduction to Public Relations

  • What is PR?
  • The Functoning of PR
  • The PR Process
  • Final Assinment

8. Display & Video Advertising

  • Fundamentals of Display & Video Advertsing
  • YouTube
  • Google Display Network
  • Ad Formats
  • Video Campaigns
  • Measurement and Optmizaton
  • Final Assinment

9. Email Marketing

  • Intro to Email Marketng and Email Marketng Fundamentals
  • Tools and Strategy
  • Email Design
  • Email Campaigns
  • Testng and Optmizing
  • Marketng Automaton
  • Final Assinment

10. Website Optimization

  • Web Design and Website Optmizaton
  • Websites Design Principles & Website Copy
  • User – Centered Design
  • Website Optmizaton
  • Website Metrics
  • Final Assinment

11. Media planning and Budgeting

  • Why media are important
  • The Media Lenguage
  • Geography Role in Media planning, seasonality and tming
  • Media Communicaton Goals
  • Prepare an advertsing media plan
  • Media executon
  • Tools, Effects and Trends
  • Media Cost
  • Final Assinmen

12. Photoshop for beginners

The characteristics of the program as well as the teaching strategies are given below:

The Master in Digital Marketing program takes place in twelve modules which will teach basic, advanced and expert level.

Each participant when applying for the academy will complete a questionnaire for self-assessment of the level of knowledge.

After completing each module of the program, each participant is required to pass a practical exam in order to obtain the certificate. The exam is valued at 70% of the total points for the certificate. The remaining 30% of the total points of obtaining the certificate refer to the evaluation of the program manager who submits an evaluation for the participant on 3 grounds: presence, critical thinking and engagement. The three categories each carry 10% of the grade. The supervisor is obliged to summarize the conclusions from the information submitted by each individual lecturer in the teaching sessions.

Each of the topics represented in the program will contain practical examples of implementation in everyday work. The methods for presenting and mastering the topics will be based on the principle of: flexibility, Learning by doing concept, workshops, discussions, working groups, research.


Total hours:

  • 260

Teaching – location: 

  • Institute for Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje (N. Macedonia)
  • ONLINE live learning platform from the ZOOM.US app

Lecture dynamics:

  • Twice a week


Frequently Asked Questions

You can make the payment directly with a credit card on the website itself when purchasing a seminar or training or by paying an invoice in several installments, and after a previously signed agreement.

In the certification programs can enroll anyone who wants to qualify or retrain for thechosen field in the certification programs. For that purpose, having a minimum of prior knowledge in the chosen field of each candidate is a facilitating circumstance in studying the programs. Namely, the programs, except for the postgraduate master studies, do not require prior formal higher education.

Pillar 1 – Seminars are held live with physical presence at a predetermined location and time. Seminars are also held live online through the ZOOM platform. For each organized seminar, the way, time and place of the event are certain in advance, which is published on the website.

Pillar 2 – E-learning, lectures are held online. The first category is live lectures through the online ZOOM platform, the second category is through recorded video materials (when you buy a certain program, you get access to the video you bought).

Pillar 3 – Executive Certification are held live with the physical presence of the group following the program, with a predetermined schedule for lectures.

NOTE: the lectures with several months of training programs are held after working hours, once or twice a week (for each training is explained in detail in the information of the program itself).

Lecturers of all programs are domestic and international practitioners with at least 10 years of work experience in the fields they teach. In each of the programs there are expert lecturers who are available for you to “use” their know-how.

Each listener receives materials in the form of presentations, exercises, excels, books, additional (video and audio) materials and directions where they can get more information on topics related to the lectures for anyone who wants to expand their study.

At the German higher education institution Heidelberg Institute for Business and Management in Skopje has accredited (in 2018) 4 academic programs for master studies, as follows:

  • – MBA in Finance & Controlling (60 ECTS)
  • – MBA in Finance & Controlling (120 ECTS)
  • – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (60 ECTS)
  • – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (120 ECTS)

Eligible to enroll are all graduate students – “Bachelor” for one-year programs of 60 ECTS, who previously acquired 240 ECTS, while for enrollment in two-year master programs of 120 ECTS, students with previously acquired 180 ECTS have the right to enroll.


  • – upon completion of the master’s program MBA in Finance & Controlling (60 or 120 ECTS) students gain prestigious international certifications (2 of the above 4):

Risk Management (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Credit Analysis (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Compliance (EU Certificate according to European Banking Federation in Brussels)
Certified Controller (German Diploma from Germany)

  • – Completion of the master’s program – Business Data Governance & Business Informatics (60 or 120 ECTS) students gain prestigious international certifications (2 of the above 4):

Certificate CISA / ISACA Certificate
BI & Big Data (German Diploma)
Digital Design Communication
Certification for Developers


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