Time management

Time management

You face many challenges every day: You want to concentrate on your most important tasks, but have a lot of small administrative tasks to take care of on the side. Decisions have to be made, a lot has to be organized, meetings that you should attend – not to mention the flood of information and emails. For this reason, it is a must for you to organize yourself well, always keep an eye on the essentials and use your time and energy efficiently. The e-learning “Time Management” helps you to sharpen your focus on your essential priorities and to always act goal-oriented and efficient despite stress and time constraints. You will learn to maintain an overview in everyday working life, to recognize the really important things and to take time for them. You can go home satisfied in the evening, live more relaxed and work more successfully. The advantages of e-learning are obvious: You decide for yourself when and where to learn!

Fee: 290 EUR


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