Announcement: The 5th international controlling conference was held: Greater affirmation of the controlling profession in Macedonian companies and the countries of the Western Balkans

Cc1 Conference 2022

Prominent domestic and foreign social leaders and specialists in the field of controlling shared their experiences and expertise at a hybrid international controlling event, within the framework of: “Challenges in controlling: Sustainability | New business models | Transformation | Crisis”.

Executive directors, chief financial officers, managers, controllers and experts from the financial professions had their presentations, with representatives from abroad: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Siemens Advanta Consulting, Horvath & Partners and Hiteco. From the Macedonian field, representatives of: Public Revenue Office, Makedonski Telekom, Sparkasse Bank, Croatia Insurance, FILA GROUP, KOSTAL Macedonia, Makpetrol, Fund for Innovations and Technology Development, Arel Neuromarketing and Banzae.

The focus of the event were discussions that covered the global corporate strategy and the role of the financial director, with the activities for the transformation of the controlling organization. The newly created opportunities for digitization in financial management with innovative approaches were discussed, and the presentations, practical advice and personal examples of successfully overcoming the crisis period and adapting to the most modern dynamic technological trends were particularly interesting and useful.

The Director of the Public Revenue Office, Sanja Lukarevska, officially opened the event.

“Specific economic conditions require us to make quick and efficient decisions in order to adapt to world developments. The modernized way of working gives us the opportunity for detailed planning of the work process, which indirectly affects the minimization of costs, enables greater motivation among employees, as well as joint achievement of the best results. Such conferences are extremely important for successful cooperation in the management of processes in times of economic changes,” Lukarevska pointed out.

Slavko Projkoski, chief financial officer of Makedonski Telekom, was also part of the speakers at the controlling conference, who gave insight into DEUTCHE TELEKOM / Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje, on the topic: “PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT IN THE CRISIS PERIOD”.

In the direction of controlling, Projkoski emphasized: “Such a crisis requires organization, flexibility and agility. Availability of data and business knowledge is essential to steer the company on the right path. This is where report navigation comes in, and without that it’s easy to get lost in the vast ocean of business.”

Online host from Germany was Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, member of the management board of the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje, director of the “Center for Performance Management & Controlling”, in one of the most prestigious schools for bankers, financiers and managers – the “Frankfurt School of Finance and Management”. The host in Skopje was Prof. Dr. Sinisha Naumoski, controlling professor and representative of the Board of the HEIDELBERG Institute in Skopje and president of the Academic Council in the first Macedonian banking academy – ABIT, who is also a member of the Council of the National Bank.

The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the best international practices in accordance with the requirements at the local level. At the same, the initial results of the new research were presented – the European study under the supervision of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management “Controlling/Managing an Accounting Organization of Decentralized Units” in cooperation with Hays and ICV. Together with six other countries, among which Germany is the leader, Macedonian controllers are part of this large project for support and implementation of the controlling function in Macedonian companies and the countries of the Western Balkans.

At the conference, the German master’s degree in controlling was presented for the first time, the first of its kind for the countries of the Western Balkans, with the name: The German dual master’s program – MBA in Finance & Controlling.

This concluded the 5th international controlling conference, organized by the German Institute HEIDELBERG in Skopje and the first Macedonian banking academy – ABIT. The activities of the Macedonian Controlling Association (MKA) were announced, which will aim to create its own alumni club and promote future consultants in this area, as well as develop the function of controlling in small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector.

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