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The creation of modern concepts of specialist executive education (postgraduate) and the setting up of new professional and educational standards based on practice represent one of the main program determinations in the creation of the Institute. Guided by this principle, today, we must admit that in most countries of the region there is a gap between the output of formalism and the practice. Such a gap is deepening more and more and creates problems for employers from one side and the potential employees on the other. In order not to be so, the Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg – Skopje is founded.

The area of scientific and research activity within the Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg – Skopje will take into account the todays challenges, which undoubtedly require involvement of scientific experts – practitioners from the EU countries and wider, in the area of global transfer of the research knowledge in the fields of social sciences and the management. Namely, in this wide field in the scientific interest areas of the Institute, significant intentions of scientific interest in the field of business and management take place.

Special area of scientific interest of the Institute is entrepreneurship and its connection with modern banking and new information technologies, especially in the area of acting in function of increasing the quality in the vocational qualifications of young people. Therefore, in the corporate structure of the Institute as well as in the academic staff, scientific experts who have at least ten years of practical experience of senior managerial structures (specialists) are integrated, members of the management boards of companies and high authorities of the Central Banks and business communities from the countries in the region and EU members.

The new area of scientific interest of the Institute is the analysis of the informal educational system and the implementation of certification in the area of formal executive postgraduate education. This means a scientific interest in the areas of the following certifications: business, management, banking, finance and information technology; and their inclusion in the executive postgraduate study programs offered by the Institute.




The modern building in the Heidelberg city, located about 78 km (48 mi) south of Frankfurt. Heidelberg is the fifth-largest city in Baden-Württemberg and is part of the densely populated Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

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