Heidelberg Faculty of Skopje on June 6th, 2024 in his premises organized the 2nd Risk Management Conference.


The 2nd Risk Management Conference was a successful event which brought together risk teams from almost all banks, insurance companies, financial institutions and pension funds having an opportunity to speak to each other, sharing their experience and views for future risks from aspects of all parties present.

The theme of the 2nd Risk Management Conference was “RISKS MOVES – QUO VADIS?” presenting to the attending banks and financial institutions different views for future risks.

On the conference we had the honor to have

– the President of the Management Board of TTK Banka AD Skopje, Prof. Dr. Dragoljub Arsovski

– the Head of Risk Management at PBZ Invest (Croatia) and Member of the Council at Heidelberg Faculty of Skopje, Prof. Dr. Ivan Sverko

– the General director of the Supervision Department from National bank of R.N.Macedonia Ms. Viktorija Gligorova

– the Senior manager for credit risk of Prometeia, Turkiye, Mr. Recep Otker

– the Chairman of EFPA Luxembourg ASBL, Mr. Roger H. Hartmann

– Management Board Advisor and ESMS Officer / ESG Coordinator of NLB Banka AD Skopje, Mr. Bogoja Kitancev

– the Head of Degree Programme Logistics of Provadis University, Frankfurt, Prof. d-r Peter Holm

– the Board member of Halk bank AD Skopje, D-r Berkan Imeri

– the Board member of Sava Pension Company AD Skopje, D-r Petar Taleski

– the Head of the internal audit department of ProCredit bank AD Skopje, Ms. Maja Mihajlova

– the Head of risk and financial management division of Halk bank AD Skopje, Mr. Vladimir Davchev

to address all present participants offering them their knowledge, experience and views for future risks. These high level attendees and speakers are crucial factors for this kind of expert and education events and conferences and their participation supports the attendees in doing the impossible and predicting what to expect and how to plan the future steps.

Heidelberg Faculty of Skopje, together with the Institute for business and management Heidelberg Skopje and the Academy for banking and information technologiesABIT is maintaining a constant contact with all participants supporting them in education and knowledge upgrading, through seminars, accredited courses and also bachelor and master studies to help them strengthen their capacities.

The audience had the opportunity to follow the keynote speaker of the conference Mr. Roger H. Hartmann with a presentation for a very popular topic ESG implementation: Risks and opportunities. Roger is an experienced Swiss and Luxembourgish senior banker with over 40 years of exposure to various financial centers in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Americas. Roger has also been teaching since 1981 in various universities as well as in Continuous Professional Learning Programs. Banking Strategy and Wealth Management are his main domains of expertise. As Group CEO, Roger collected numerous experiences with growth strategies, development of new markets, hub strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, and transformation of business models.

Roger speaks 5 languages, and has been an ATTF Senior Expert since 2010. He is a co-founder of this program and has been the Coordinator and Moderator since 2015, when it was put in place for the first time. Today, Roger has its own Advisory Firm, using his broad and global network in order to connect partners all over the world. He is the Chairman of the Board of EFPA Luxembourg Asbl, an Association with 94,000 certified Financial Advisors in Europe looking after private clients, and also organizing financial conferences, publishing handbooks, mainly focused on Sustainable Finance and Digital Transformation. He is also an independent board member in two systemic European banks, in a single family office in India, and is an Advisory Board Member in several Asset Management firms, and in a cyber-intelligence group in Europe and in Asia. Finally, Roger is also mentoring and coaching Master Students as well as C-suite leaders.

The conference had 13 speakers, including experts from 5 countries


The conference was intended for financial workers in the fields of risk management and risk-taking from the banking sector, pension funds, investment funds, insurance companies, and financial companies.

Forty banking and financial specialists participated in the conference, from the following target groups:

  • Representatives from more than 10 banking institutions
  • Financial companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds

Eighty percent of all commercial banks in Macedonia sent their representatives to the conference. In total, 16 banks and financial companies participated with 40 attendees at the event. Thus, the relatively limited number of risk specialists present provided an opportunity for such a network of bankers to engage in relaxed discussions between senior management and risk teams, in the presence of the regulator and foreign high-level guests, who enriched the debate with their experiences. The goal was to outline the path for future development opportunities here at home.

An excellent conference with an agenda that keeps attention and exceptional speakers.
Ms. Ana Serafimova
Board member at Winner - Vienna Insurance AD Skopje
Thank you for the invitation; it was great to hear and exchange experiences with colleagues from the industry. I expect it to grow in intensity and numbers in the future, as there's never enough knowledge exchange in this field.
Mr. Aleksandar Todorovski
Risk manager at Diners Club Macedonia
Great selection of current topics, speakers, and panelists. The level of expertise from the speakers and the manner of presentation was on a very high level. Superb organization, promotion, attendance, and a high percentage of representation from the banking sector at the conference.
Mr. Gjoko Donovski
Head of risk division at Halkbank AD Skopje

Heidelberg Faculty of Skopje wants to thank those who attend the 2nd Risk Management Conference for their participation.


For those who were not able to attend the 2nd Risk Management Conference we are hoping to welcome them to the 3th Risk Management Conference in 2025.


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