At ABIT, part of the participants were awarded Diploma for the acquired title – CERTIFIED CONTROLLER® (Equivalent to the original German informal diploma which is performed in five levels with more than 50,000 students for over 40 years).

World prestigious accreditation

On December 7, 2020, we were awarded the “IGC quality standards” quality mark by the world body for the introduction of control standards – IGC International Group of Controlling.

The Academy of Banking and Information Technology – ABIT in partnership with the German higher education institution – PNU Institute of Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje, was awarded a prestigious worldwide accreditation. The official promotion to an institution with “IGC quality standards” was in September 2021, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Thus, #ABIT and #IBMHS Heidelberg Institute in Skopje are the only institutions in the Western Balkans with such certification and validity of diplomas/certificates of the “CERTIFIED CONTROLLER” program.

The listeners of the sixth generation of Macedonian controllers from 2021, achieved sustainable success by gradually learning the program. The individual levels of specialization were intended to complement each other, both in terms of the content of the topics and in terms of the content of the practical exercises. Namely, the program was adapted in a way of integrated approach of merging theory, practical skills and international practice in order to improve the competencies of the Macedonian controllers of the 2021 generation, in the study of control.

For that purpose, levels 1, 2 and 3 of the program were studied under the mentorship of ABIT in Skopje, through the Zoom platform, and they gave an overview of the controlling and the controller in the company. In level 1, the listeners were compactly oriented and adapted to the “Controller” profession in the companies. In level 2, a broad overview of costs was made, namely cost management and cost accounting in companies, while integrated corporate planning was the basis of the Level 3 study of the program.

With the completion of the first three levels through ABIT in Skopje and passing the exam, through an in-depth case study, workshop for preparation of “Balance Scorecard” and complete financial analysis on a selected company from the listing on the Macedonian Stock Exchange, for 2021 and 2020, listeners – controllers have obtained an international controlling certificate issued by ABIT | Academy of Banking and Information Technology, with the quality mark “IGC quality standards”, and accredited by the world body for the introduction of control standards – IGC International Group of Controlling.

In the following period, under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Academic Director of the Center for Performance Management & Control at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (one of the most prestigious universities for bankers, financiers and managers in Germany) and a board member at the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje, prof. Dr. Sinisa Naumoski, as head of the certification program at ABIT, will realize – publish a publication or workshop to a well-known employer, on the achievements of the working group of the sixth generation of Macedonian controllers, through alumni coordination in the Macedonian Controlling Association – MKA.

For that purpose, we will soon announce the beginning of the work of the Association for realization of common interests of the controllers and promotion of their work MACEDONIAN CONTROLLING ASSOCIATION – MKA.

Namely, we at ABIT believe that as a country, after 8 years of work, four international conferences with more than 400 participants and 75 certified Macedonian controllers with the quality mark from IGC, we deserved an association, which will aim – to create its own alumni club and to promote future consultants in this field, as well as to develop the controlling function in small and medium enterprises and the public (state) sector.

Hence, after the hard work, distributed in 150 hours and completed three evaluations before domestic and German professors, on behalf of the management of ABIT and the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje, we would like to CONGRATULATE the new members of our controlling family, which now has 75 certified Macedonian controllers:

– Blagica Chilimanova
– Elena Mitkovska
– Violeta Josifovska
– Zharko Bogevski
– Ana Azeska
– Marija Mirkovikj



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