BALKAN BUSINESS WEEK – Economic situation in the EU, with special reference to Germany as a partner in the Balkans

Heidelberg Event Day 1 1

The Balkan Business Week #Balkan_Business_Week started, organized by The Institute for Business & Management Heidelberg Skopje #IBMHS and #ABIT.

The first day of the international conference started with the event on the topic:

📌 “Economic situation in the EU, with special reference to Germany as a partner in the Balkans”

The following participants addressed the international conference:️
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel – President of the IBMHS, FORUM Institute, Heidelberg 🇩🇪
Dr. Karl A. Lamers – Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the German Parliament and member of the Bureau of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly 🇩🇪
Mr ️ Fatmir Bytyqi – Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Economic Affairs at Government of the Republic of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Prof. Dr. Fatmir Besimi – Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Dr. Anita Angelovska Bezoska – Governor of the National Bank of the Republicof North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Diomidis Nikoletopoulos – EO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Stopanska Banka AD Skopje (member of the Nacional Bank of Greece Group) 🇬🇷
Fatma Dirkes – President of the European Association of Banking Training EBTN 🇪🇺
Walter Deffaa – giz Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 🇩🇪
Ben Lyon – Had of ATTF Services (Luxembourg) 🇱🇺
Frank Aletter – Director and Executive Member of the Board of Directors of AHK Serbia 🇷🇸
Otto Graf – Deputy German ambassador in North Macedonia 🇩🇪
Viktor Mizo – Deputy President, Economic Chamber of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Danela Arsovska – Macedonian Chambers of commerce 🇲🇰
Nebi Hoxha – OEMVP – Economic Chamber of North West Macedonia 🇲🇰
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Gligorov – The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies 🇦🇹
️Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo – General Manager of The Bank Association of Slovenia 🇸🇮
Prof. Dr. Dejan Šoškić – Former Governor of the National Bank of Serbia 🇷🇸
Nina Nedanoska – President of Management board at Ohridska Banka AD Skopje (member of ERSTE group) 🇲🇰
Sophia Ziakou – Special Advisor of the Hellenic Banking Institute at Hellenic Bank Association 🇬🇷

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