Igc Dodeluvanje

On September 18, 2021, officially, the German Heidelberg Institute of Skopje gained the highest international prestigious accreditation in the profession CONTROLLING – first in the Western Balkans. At the annual meeting of IGC (International Group of Controlling) in Amsterdam, in a group of over 30 outstanding experts in controlling, the Heidelberg Institute Skopje was officially promoted to an institution with “IGC quality standards”.

➡ We are the full member of world association for CONTROLLING standards International Group of Controlling more than 6 years.
➡ After 6 years’ experience with #ABIT / Heidelberg Institute of Skopje in controlling education, and completed 75 participants in 6 generations, now we are accredited with “IGC quality standards”.
➡ Also, we completed 4 International Controlling Conferences with almost 400 participants.

German Educational Program implemented by the Heidelberg Institute Skopje and the Frankfurt School
The program leaders are:
– Prof. Dr. Ronald Gelich, Director at Center for Performance Management & Controlling, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
– Prof. Dr. Sinisha Naumoski, Chairman of the Academic Council at #ABIT & Member of the National Bank Council

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