BALKAN BUSINESS WEEK – First International Conference on Risk Management

On the 3rd day of the Balkan Business Week #Balkan_Business_Week, organized by Institute for Business & Management Heidelberg Skopje #IBMHS and #ABIT, the First International Conference on Risk Management was held, on the topic:


The following participants addressed the event:
Dr. sc. Michael Faulend – Vice-governor of the Croatian National Bank, Croatia 🇭🇷
Ana Mitreska MSc – Vice-Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Dr. Nikola Fabris – Vice-Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro 🇲🇪
Dr. Maja Stevkova Shterieva – President of the Macedonian banking Association & CFO at Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje, North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Prof. Dr. Ivan Shverko – Head of Risk Management at PBZ Invest, Zagreb, Croatia 🇭🇷
Vladimir Davcev – Director of Risk department HALKBANK AD Skopje, North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Sanja Petrinić Turković – Executive Director, Prudential Regulation and Crisis Management Department, Croatian National Bank 🇭🇷
Alvin Alicevic – Member of the management Board, Sparkasse Banka Makedonija AD Skopje 🇧🇦
Milica Arnaudova Stojanovska – Advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia 🇲🇰
Dejan Stamatov – Chief Risk & Data Officer at Prodigy A.I. GmbH, Germany 🇩🇪
Dr. Katerina Bosevska – Managing Director at EOS Matrix Macedonia & Kosovo 🇲🇰
Prof. Dr. Kemal Kozaric – Former Governor of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Central Bank 🇧🇦
Vladimir Pajović – Member of Board, Sberbank AD Beograd, Serbia 🇷🇸
Velimir Šonje – Managing Director and Founder at Arhivanalitika / Ekonomski Lab, Croatia 🇭🇷

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