BRANCH at ABIT and Institute for Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje: The Importance of Dual Education in the Banking and Finance Sector

Branch At Abit And Institute 1

The purpose of the event was to emphasize the importance of dual education offered by the Academy and the German Institute, and contributes to the greater development of the banking and financial sector.

The Executive Director of ABIT addressed the event with a welcome speech, and then Otto Graf, Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Economic Department of Germany, Elizabeta Naumovska – Deputy Minister of Education and Science and Ms. Luiza Tomovska – Independent Advisor in the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, welcomed the guests.

Among others, guests at the event were Mr. Bilal Sudzubashi, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of HALK Bank AD Skopje, prof. Dr. Ljube Trpevski, Mr. Berkan Imeri, Financial Director of HALK Bank AD Skopje, Mr. Besim Bilali from the Development Bank of Northern Macedonia, Vesna Srceva and Muhedin Avdic from the Public Revenue Office, Marina Naumovska from the German Embassy Macedonia and the so-called

The speakers stressed the importance of education and training in the banking and financial sectors. They believe that the dual education offered at ABIT is a great opportunity in our country to introduce German education and apply it in Macedonian practice by professionals who will complete courses and seminars at ABIT. The speakers stressed the need for younger and bolder staff in the country’s banking sector.

ABIT is the only educational organization in the country that is an associate member of the highest body for specialist and professional banking education in the EU, the European Training Association EBTN, which is part of the European Banking Federation.

The Institute of Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje, together with ABIT, are the only institutions accredited by the International Group of Controlling for specialist certification for controlling.

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