Svetlana Ortakovska Murtovska – First Master Specialist in Digital Marketing at the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje on the topic: „Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses“



“I was part of the first generation of listeners to the Heidelberg Institute program Master in Digital marketing. The program lasted 2 semesters with the possibility of making a paper and obtaining a Master’s degree, a challenge which I later gladly accepted.

As a graduate economist with more than 10 years of work experience, I was always up to date on new trends, especially in the field of marketing. In this way I got the desire to improve in the field of digital marketing, an area in which I had a special interest and nowadays it is more and more relevant.

Before making a final decision and applying to participate in this academy I thought of several different academies that offered similar education. But the detailed syllabus to be studied, the international German certification, the large number of hours devoted to real projects, the staff who were always ready for additional questions are just some of the details that contributed to my final decision.

The academy met more than I expected and provided a strong foundation in all digital marketing concepts. By learning the basics of digital marketing, creating marketing strategies, social media marketing, email marketing, media planning, Google advertising, PR marketing, creating a WordPress website and learning the basics of Photoshop today I am fully prepared for a new direction in my career. The program is also prepared for beginners or professionals in another field who have a desire for retraining.

The lecturers and my mentor are professionals in this field with many years of experience who selflessly transferred their knowledge. Through a number of discussions, working on real projects and sharing ideas, I feel ready to respond to the challenges and modern trends of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is an area that requires constant keeping up to date with new trends and constant improvement. This academy provided me with a strong foundation and knowledge so that I could successfully follow new trends and adapt to them.

Nowadays digital marketing is an area that is increasingly in demand by every type of business and the demand for professionals is growing day by day. The possibilities are unlimited and I encourage all those who have an interest in this field for further training or full retraining to be educated in this field, regardless of whether this profession will be your main or additional activity.”

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