IBMHS info: NEW educational projects for DUAL secondary and higher education

Boardcoordination 20102021

IBMHS info: at today’s regular meeting – coordination of the Management of the German Institute (in a narrow composition) on the one hand, and their representative in Skopje on the other hand, was announced the possibility of realization of several important projects in dual vocational secondary and higher education in the countries from the Western Balkans.

Namely, at the meeting the President Dr. Zeitel suggested, and prof. Dr. Ronald supported, very soon, in the first half of November, to have a working meeting (in Heidelberg and Mannheim) of prof. Dr. Naumoski with the Ministry of Education and representatives of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, in order to establish a branch for DUAL education (secondary and higher) for the Western Balkans based in Skopje, under the mentorship of the already open German Heidelberg Institute in the Balkans.

For that purpose, a program for implementation of such projects is being prepared, and with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje, Belgrade and Zagreb, as well as the Croatian Embassy in Skopje, the German Chamber AHK in Skopje and Belgrade, Strong support is required to speed up the processes in that direction.

The need was also emphasized, ie. the demand for professional staff by all German companies in the free economic zones in the Western Balkans and the opportunities for them to actively support the initiatives for NEW educational projects for DUAL secondary and higher education.

Finally, the initiative to establish a Digital Transformation Council (DTC) within the German Institute and the implementation of its members, primarily from the ranks of business in the ICT industry and young people, was strongly welcomed. As it was underlined, at the end of November, is planned the first constitutive session of the Council – DTC.

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