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Innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind a high-performing and fast growing economy.
The “STRASCHEG INSTITUTE FOR INNOVATION, TRANSFORMATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP (SITE)” at EBS Business School focuses on these closely related topic areas.
SITE activities are geared towards embedding the knowledge gained in these fields in the three pillars research, teaching, and professional education, both at EBS University as well as in international partner network.
We want to enable businesses to increase their competitiveness by supporting them to strengthen their innovation capacity, to achieve sustainable growth, and to continuously train professionals and executives.
In line with our slogan “creating and managing success through innovation”, SITE and IBMHS focuses on:
1. Creating Innovation
2. Implementing Innovation
3. Steering Innovation
4. Securing Innovation
We will offer research, education and executive education in the areas of:
– Innovation Management
– Digital Transformation
– Entrepreneurship
– Controlling & Performance Measurement
– Security Management

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