Prof. Dr. Don Green Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

Wise, Virginia, prof. Dr. Don Green (Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation in the University of Virginia).

“Outwitting the Devil“ is a book by Napoleon Hill, with annotations by Sharon Lechter. It was originally written in 1938 by Hill, but was said to be too controversial to be published during that time period. It was released by Sterling Publishing in June, 2011.

Namely, Hill is one of the biggest creators of successful entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford, John Rockweller, and an adviser to two US presidents: Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Hill is a great inspirer to incumbent President Donald Trump, which he testifies in the books published by the Foundation.

From 2019 in Macedonia, we will have the opportunity to study his philosophy of success through Napoleon Hill School of learning, as part of the Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg Skopje.

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