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Today, for the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje and for the Academy of Banking and Information Technology – ABIT, an important European study in the profession of management accounting (or known in the EU as – controlling) started, as part of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

“Namely, as a representative of N. Macedonia, along with six other countries, including Germany as a leader, I am immensely proud that they chose me to be part of this great project to support and implement the function – controlling in Macedonian companies.” – said the representative of the Board of the German Institute HEIDELBERG in Skopje, prof. Dr. Sinisha Naumoski (from ABIT).

The results of this important study for Macedonian companies will be presented at the end of May or early June 2022, when the fifth international controlling conference organized by ABIT and the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje is scheduled, as well as the start of activities of the Association for realization of common interests of the controllers and promotion of their work – MACEDONIAN CONTROLLING ASSOCIATION.

The purpose of the study is to gain insight into the organization of decentralized units of managerial accounting/controlling (business units/departments) in practice. In addition, the study will examine which factors have a major impact on the organizational design of management accounting (controlling) of decentralized units. Based on this, it will be analyzed which organizational forms of control are most effective for the various configurations of the company, its decentralized units and its environment, and how they can be implemented in practice.

In the end, Naumoski added: “For the Macedonian controllers, young students and financiers, I know, I am convinced, after four and a half years of our struggle, in order to implement formal studies, here in Skopje, good times are coming. The German dual master’s program at the Heidelberg Institute – MBA in Finance & Controlling – is about to begin.

“Now, it is time to dedicate ourselves to MKA – Macedonian Controlling Association, as the first and serious fruit of 6 years of work in this area.”

Young, current and future Macedonian controllers – TOGETHER WE CAN!


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