#ABITinterview: Meet Andriana Matlioska (Certification for Corporate Governance & Compliance)

Adriana Matlioska

#ABITinterview: Meet Andriana Matlioska, compliance officer at Silk Road Bank AD Skopje and part of our portfolio of #SuccessStories of the Academy for “Corporate Governance & Compliance”.


  1. Can we learn something more about you and your career path?

It gives me a special pleasure to share my experience from the Academy of Banking and Information Technology as an alumna of the “Corporate Governance & Compliance” certification program. My name is Andriana Matlioska, master of business law and currently a doctoral candidate in legal studies at the “Iustinianus Primus” Faculty in Skopje.

I started my career in the Ministry of Finance, a public sector institution, where I got to know the way the public finance system works, the way of drafting and adopting financial regulation and its implementation. The Ministry of Finance was at the same time an institution – regulator of part of the participants from the financial sector, which allowed me to understand the way and methods in which supervisors function in the regulated market.

I continued my career in the banking sector, again an institution from the financial field, where a special challenge is the position of compliance officer, which I currently work at Silk Road Bank AD Skopje.

  1. How did you come up with the idea to enrol in the Academy for “Corporate Governance & Compliance”?

My previous work experience and the fact that I am a lawyer by profession motivated me to continue to upgrade myself in the field of corporate governance and compliance.

My personal principles and the principles of the institution in which I work are in the direction of continuous upgrading of professional skills and knowledge. For that reason, I evaluated the “Corporate Governance & Compliance” program as the most suitable in terms of supplementing my knowledge in the career I chose.

  1. How much did it help you in what you do today?

I reviewed the modules in the “Corporate Governance & Compliance” program and found that they are content-wise close to the modern trends for professional development in this area offered by educational institutions in Europe.

My experience has been positive after completing this program and I believe that it has significantly contributed to the improvement of my knowledge both in terms of regulation, but also in terms of the methods and principles by which a compliance officer should be guided.

  1. Finally, what would you recommend to future students of the Corporate Governance & Compliance program?

I heartily recommend not only professionals from the banking and financial sector, but also all professionals who want to improve their competencies in the labor market, to seriously consider the program and participate in it.

In addition to the quality of the modules that make up the program, the interaction with the lecturers who are distinguished experts from the Central Bank, from the banking and from the financial sector, in general, contributes significantly.

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