#HEIDELBERGinterview: Meet Anita Koteska (“Business Intelligence and Big Data“ specialists)

Anita Koteska Bibd

#HEIDELBERGinterview: Meet Anita Koteska, Business Development and Product Development Manager at “Jongis Software“ and part of our 4th generation #SuccessStory portfolio of successfully certified “Business Intelligence and Big Data“ specialists

  1. Can we learn something more about you and your career path?

My beginning and first experience with data was at my first employment in AD “Pivara Skopje” as a Business Analyst. At the same time, I now consider my position at this instance to be very responsible and important because during that period every morning I prepared reports of all types for the highest management based on which reports – daily and crucial decisions were made. Later, I continued my career path at “Diners Club” as Marketing Director, where again data had real importance in creating products, new products and offers. In time in 2015, I received a job offer in a top international “Cloud communication” company located in the Middle East with offices in 12 countries, where again my task was to create products and take care of the complete portfolio of services of the company, and also to ensure growth as the second largest company in the industry.

  1. How did you come up with the idea to enrol in the “BI & BIG DATA” Academy?

All my work processes have always been related to data, processing, analysis and decision-making at the highest management level. Initially, I did not have any doubts about the choice of the institution, since it is still an international institution, which provided me with a superior lecturer, with many years of work experience and expert knowledge that was transferred and valued in a very simple way. Here I will also mention the superior tool that we used, SPSS modeler, which is also superior in creating data.

  1. What is your experience with the Academy and whether and how much it helped you in what you do today?

Of course, the Academy helped me immensely in my daily processes and especially in the part of the product that I work for our clients, a complete ERP cloud solution in which the sales module and the master planning functionality are integrated. This functionality and its results are especially important for customers in terms of sales forecasting, expected results, inventory optimization, creation of movement curves (simulation of results), etc. I sincerely believe that data is the new fuel, and that no decision can be based on authority, director or management without analytics, without data and without appropriate tools.

  1. Finally, what would you recommend to future students of the “BI & BIG DATA” program?

To realize the need and value of integrating new knowledge in the domain in which they work, because BI & BIG DATA are extremely current and needed in all industries, there is no field or domain where they are not represented, regardless of whether it is medicine, research, finance, consulting, energy, literally everywhere by being able to be maximally competent and armed with knowledge that is exclusive in terms of what they will have an exceptional advantage to offer to employers and be bought or sold simply because data is the most powerful tool in business processes and modelling.

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