Start of the newly formed ten-member working group from S.R. Germany to enter the Mannheim State Dual University, through the platform of the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje

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On March 18, 2022, the newly formed ten-member working group from S.R. Germany, with the participation of all representatives of the management of the German Heidelberg Institute in Skopje on one hand, and the representatives of the State Dual University of Mannheim, on the other.

At the meeting, the strategic plans for starting the process for the introduction of the German dual education system in Skopje were opened. For that purpose, the President of the Dean’s Board, prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel, Dr. Briggite Spielmann (board member) and prof. Dr. Sinisha Naumoski (representative of the management of the German Institute HEIDELBERG in Skopje) had an official meeting with members of the working group of the largest state university for dual studies in Germany, led by the Rector, prof. Dr. Nagler, where the focus was on the construction of the so-called “bridge” for the introduction of German higher education dual practices by establishing the “Heidelberg Faculty of Skopje” – an institution for undergraduate and specialist postgraduate studies in the fields of: data and computer science, banking, insurance and controlling.

During the meeting, it was emphasized by the Macedonian representative of the management of Heidelberg in Skopje, Dr. Naumoski, that the Embassy of S.R. Germany in Skopje is actively involved and supports any initiative to improve the Macedonian education system, especially when transferring knowledge and practices from the best universities/schools in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Frankfurt. For that purpose, at the end of March, a trilateral meeting will be agreed between the Embassy of S.R. Germany in Skopje, Delegation of the German chamber of commerce in North Macedonia – AHK and representatives of the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje, with the aim – joint and enhanced cooperation in the implementation of projects in higher education.”- concluded Naumoski.

All members of the working group from Germany agreed, in mid-May 2022, to pay an official visit to Skopje, where they will get acquainted with the Macedonian education system, the Macedonian authorities, businessmen from the German and Macedonian chambers of commerce, as well as the chamber of northwestern Macedonia. Also, in the middle of May, it is planned to finish with the complete evaluation of the processes by the German representatives, in order to obtain the German accreditation. At the end, the possibility of launching the new German campus in Skopje was emphasized, intended for the expansion of German dual university education, for the countries of the Western Balkans, with special reference to the countries of the Open Balkans.

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