The interview with the President, Mr. Zeitel

The interview with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zeitel, President of the Deans Board at the Institute for Business and Management HEIDELBERG Skopje and managing director at the FORUM Institute for Management GmbH, Heidelberg (Germany).

Prof. Zeitel, spoke about possibilities for the Macedonian students to study German dual education in Skopje / Heidelberg at the new time for our country. In addition of the excellent CV, Mr Zeitel was a regional leader of the Economic Council of the CDU (member of the Executive Committee), more than twelve years.
Prof.Dr.Ulrich said: „The main reason is because we have a good cooperation with Macedonian company in the field of force coming , and they want to become a part of this company. So we are here to celebrate our cooperation and the main topics the main things we want to run is that we now start here in Macedonia is some new ideas of seminars and conferences. So we hope this will be successful and I’m optimistic and that’s the reason why I’m here.“

„I’m here as a permanent partner of our Macedonian company. And so we want to run it in the next years. I will be for a long time here.“

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