#HEIDELBERGinterview: Meet Emilija Despotovska, part of our portfolio of #SuccessStories at the (“BI & BIG DATA” Academy)

#HEIDELBERGinterview: Meet Emilija Despotovska, Senior Credit Analyst at HALKBANK AD Skopje and part of our portfolio of #SuccessStories at the “BI & BIG DATA” Academy?


  1. Can we learn something more about you and your career path?

I am Emilija Despotovska, an employee of Halk Bank AD Skopje with more than twelve years of work experience in the bank itself in various positions, primarily in the area of sales and lending to corporate clients, so that in recent years I have directed and applied all my knowledge and experience as part of the team in the Credit Analysis Directorate.

  1. How did you come up with the idea to enrol in the “BI & BIG DATA” Academy?

The search for new knowledge and skills, especially in this modern informatics age, in which there is a large amount of information and data, and for which it is necessary to carry out selection, processing and visualization of the obtained results, is a huge advantage for their understanding, directing them to the correct flows and creating appropriate decisions. It was these trends that encouraged me to start and get to know in more detail this modern and very useful skill that is necessary for understanding the correlations and preferences of customers and defining new market tendencies.

  1. What is your experience with the Academy and how much it helped you in what you do today?

The very reputation of this institution, the Heidelberg Institute of Business and Management, as well as the quality of the lecturers and the program itself, which includes modern but also practical guidelines for the full application of knowledge, speaks volumes for the success and satisfaction of the students. The program, the way of conducting the lectures, but also the acquired experiences and connections with the other students, and the sharing of professional experiences of each of us made every class interesting and exciting. The acquired knowledge and experience bring me a great advantage in my daily work, in the preparation and design of the analysis that we prepare, the application and creation of the projections for the clients, and also the evaluation of the future trends of the market to which they belong.

  1. Finally, what would you recommend to future students of the “BI & BIG DATA” program?

As I mentioned earlier, the new modern age brings new challenges, but also new skills to face them. The possession of knowledge from such skills is an advantage for everyone not only in the labour market but also in everyday work, the simplified visualization of the great ocean of information in order to gain a clearer picture and make the right and right decision. I encourage everyone interested and willing to acquire new knowledge, but also those who want to expand their knowledge related to this field to choose this one. BI & BIG DATA Program.

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