Work meeting of IBMHS & AHK North Macedonia

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Today’s meeting of Dejan Chupovski, Program Manager for dual vocational education at the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in North Macedonia and the representative of the Board of the Heidelberg Institute in Skopje, prof. Dr Sinisha Naumoski (from ABIT) resulted in the conclusion of a common vision in the field of entry of the German dual education system in the domestic system.

This is possible, as underlined by Naumoski at the meeting, only with the support of a German higher education institution for undergraduate and specialist postgraduate studies in the fields of: data and computer science, banking, insurance and controlling, under the German brand “HEIDELBERG FACULTY OF SKOPJE ”.

For that purpose, cooperation and joint activities are envisaged in the processes of adaptation of the existing models from Germany and new educational networking and improvements, in order to increase the quality of teaching and new staff arising from the dual vocational secondary and higher education.

In the following period, a trilateral meeting was agreed upon between the Embassy of S.R. Germany in Skopje, the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in North Macedonia and the representatives of the management from Heidelberg and Frankfurt with the Mannheim working group under the mentorship of Dr Briggite Spielmann and senior representatives of the Mannheim State Dual University, including the University Rector prof. Dr Nagler.

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